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Your home's network has surpassed just surfing the internet.  These days networking supports everything you do in your home including running your own home office, connecting your home's integration system, lighting, climate control systems, surveillance systems, and more.  Almost every system in today's home needs a strong stable platform to run on and be able to be accessed either locally in the home or remotely while you are on vacation.   In addition to being able to support your home and how it operates, video and audio streaming have become a staple and is continuing to grow as well as increasing the demand for fast reliable networks.  Having inferior networking products, and even technicians, can compromise not only your entertainment experience, but will also compromise the ability to view and control any of these types of systems in your home.

Our approach is completely individualized for each residence.  As each home is built differently, each network is evaluated, designed, and deployed differently.  There is no cookie cutting in home networking and you can be sure that a network designed by Platinum Audio Video will be completely tailored around your family's needs and variables in house construction.

Networking Solutions

The backbone of everything you do in your home.