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We will create a customized system for you to control every aspect of your house.

By using the best products on the market we can help you control not only the audio video devices, but also lighting/climate/security/water features, and more, around your home with one touch of a button.

Let’s backup for a second…

What is Home Integration and what can it do for me?

In its most simple form it may be as basic as remote / automatic control of a few lights, tvs and sound system. But in today’s world of advancing technology the limitations of what can be controlled are only your imagination.
Home Integration, is simply giving you a system to control all the major systems of your house either remotely or via a centralized common interface for everything.

What are some systems you could control with total Home Integration? Imagine an easy to use touch panel remote or mobile device with control over all the systems in your home. Lighting control that allows you to specify just the right lighting for any mood or occasion with just a few taps on the screen. Control the AC on the other end of the house (or guest house), or send music to your workout room and office at the same time, or update the irrigation system while watching TV from the comfort of your couch…
The list goes on and on, if you want to control it, we can integrate it.

Check out this list for more ideas

  •     A/V around your entire home
  •     Home Theater room controls (video, audio, lighting, climate, window blinds, etc.)
  •     Distributed Audio devices
  •     Lighting systems and Windows Treatment Control
  •     Climate control
  •     Cameras and surveillance systems, accessed via smart phone, computer, or TV screen
  •     Door locks/ Gates and property access control systems
  •     Irrigation systems
Please contact us to learn how our services will benefit you.
Home integration

Home Integration gives you total control of everything in your home from one interface.

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